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Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI.

Today, I decided to write this post in English. Probably my grammar will be poor, but more guests from all over the world could understand me now. So first - I must sorry my terrible English :)
As I promised three weeks before, today I present miniatrure from hot Italy - Alfa Romeo 155. In early '90 Alfa Romeo cars aren't specially beauty like Italian cars can do, but they were still great in driving. And that the 155 was - not preety, but quite sporty. Most of technical solutions came from other cars from Fiat company - Tempra, Lancias Delta & Dedra. The engines support twin spark technology, and the capacities were from 1.6 to top 2,5 V6 with 166 hp.
Alfa 155 wasn't so popular in markets, but situation looks completely different in motorsports. 155 is one of the best racing cars ever build. In 1992 it won Italian Touring Car Championship by Nicola Larini, in 1993 DTM also driving by Larini, in 1994 BTCC driving by Gabriele Tarquini. Alfa also won Spain Touring Cars Championship in 1994, 1995, 1997. This miniature comes from DTM serie and it was driving by Giancarlo Fisichella. Manufacturer of this model is probably - M4. I write "probably", because I'm not sure - all of details indicate M4. This firm is specialized in Alfa Romeo miniaturas, and I've got 1:43 156 from them. Presented model comes from Alfa Romeo Sport Collection issued in the West of my country. The details are very good - we have nice and permanent paint job, preety rims with brake shoes, coloured interior with fire extinguisher and safety cage. Misunderstanding is that in plaque with the name of the driver inside isn't Fisichella, but... Nannini hehe :) Apart from this omission, miniature is very good - similar to Minichamps, which is three times more expensive than this edition.
Finally I finished my first post in English. I expected that it will be worse :) In future - specially for the readers from other countries than mine - I'll present cars which were produced in Poland in dificult era of my counrtry - after Second World War to early '90. Geetings!

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  1. Hi Marjan,

    Very nice Alfa Romeo 155 GT car.I also like alfa but certain model.

    Nice piece of worth collectable casting.