czwartek, 4 sierpnia 2011

Time to say goodbye... but hope not for a long time!

Dear Collegues :)
There are a lot of changes in my life. It's time to take a step, that every mens doing during his lives. In this month I will be getting married. There's a lot things to do before then again I will be able to share my models with You. Furnishing a new flat, change of the previous job, new obligations - that's all doesn't let me fully abandon to my passion. I am sorry that I'm just writing it when the second birthday of the blog is supposed to take place, and I should present some artificial pearl from the collection. I remember about everyone which looked to my blog, especially Friends from foreign countries - Kin, Erwin, Danielh, Mike and many other. Thanks to your opinions and comments. I will try to come back to the "business" as soon as I put my affairs in right order. I promise also to look to your blogs as far as possible. To sum up - time for the break, I hope that it will be short. I wish everyone readers from Poland and of entire world everything best. Make your dreams come true, not only the ones concerning modelling. Writing for You was big pleasure.
For fast seeing,